Jul. 6th, 2013

andrealyn: (b&tb: belle)
If you're not in my RPG, please do ignore! I'm an organizational freak; everyone knows this. I know Comic-Con is coming up, but so is an opening in Michigan I'm doing, so I need to get organized for crackplot because I also go to Europe right after the plot ends and my days are 14-15 hours of sightseeing every day, so that means preplay is much appreciated. So, the following are in the plot:

→ Tiny!Fili, female!Bones (with fake memories), female!Erik, female!Ty, male!Belle, female!Scripps, female!Danny. So, yes, a lot. That's why this post. This is the sticky for things I need/want. Right now, I have planned:

  • Tiny Fili & Kili, Thorin, Legolas
  • Erik & Charles
  • Ty & Thor (I'd also like the Ty & Loki we spoke of, Abigail, but also Ty & Anders)
  • Scripps & Dakin, Scripps & Grace too, please!
  • Danny & Rachel. Danny & Steve too, please!
  • Belle & Jacob.
  • Bones & everyone.

    I'm going to be getting icons in ASAP, but if you would be so kind as to give me threads, tell me and I will start getting things set up. Give to me all the shiny, cracky things.
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