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Okay, so, in the process of getting rid of things and purging (which I enjoy doing year-round, but it's always best at the new year), I've embarked and have now uploaded all my CD's and now want to get them out of the house. Before I donate them out, I thought I'd offer people the opportunity to claim them! So, here is the full list I am giving away. If you want them, it's first come, first served and let me know in a comment. Once I finish up, I will email/message you for an address!

If there's a strikethrough, it has been claimed:

A – C

Ace of Base – The Sign
Airborne Toxic Event – Airborne Toxic Event
Airborne Toxic Event – All At Once
Angel The Series OST
Arcade Fire - Funeral
Armageddon OST
Bach – Brandenburg Concertos
Barenaked Ladies - Maroon

Ben Folds – Rockin’ The Suburbs
Better Than Ezra – Friction, Baby
Better Than Ezra – How Does Your Garden Grow?
Billy Klippert – Billy Klippert
Blue Rodeo – Five Days In July
Blue Rodeo – Lost Together
Blue Rodeo – Nowhere To Here
Blue Rodeo – Palace of Gold
Bond - Classified
Buffy the Vampire Slayer OST
Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Once More, With Feeling OST
Coldplay – A Rush of Blood To The Head
Collective Soul – Collective Soul
Corrs – In Blue
Corrs – Forgiven, Not Forgotten
Cute Is What We Aim For – Rotation
Cute Is What We Aim For - The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch

D – G

Dandy Warhols – Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
The Darkness – Permission To Land
Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
Decemberists – The Crane Wife
Delays – Faded Seaside Glamour
Depeche Mode – Best Of
Divine Comedy – Secret History
Faculty OST
Fall Out Boy – String Quartet Tribute
Flogging Molly – Drunken Lullabies
Florence & The Machine - Ceremonials
Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better
Garden State OST
Great Lake Swimmers – Lost Channels

H – J

Haddaway - Haddaway
Handel – Concerti Grossi, op. 6 nos 1-12
Hawksley Workman – lover/fighter
Hawksley Workman – Meat
Hedley – Hedley
Hours – OST (Philip Glass)
Hush Sound – Hush Sound
Idlewild – The Remote Part
Idlewild – Warnings/Promises
Imogen Heap – Speak For Yourself
Jason Mraz – Mr. AZ
John Barrowman – Reflections From Broadway
Johnny Cash – Best Of
Josh Groban – Closer
Joshua Radin – Simple Times
Joy Division – Best Of

K – N

Kaiser Chiefs – Off With Their Heads
Ke$ha - Animal
Killers – Hot Fuss
Kings of Leon – Aha Shake Heartbreak
Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster (Discs 1 & 2)
Life Aquatic OST
Lord of the Rings – Return of the King OST
Lord of the Rings – Two Towers OST

Magnetic Fields - Realism
Maroon 5 – Songs About Jane
Maroon 5 – Acoustic EP
Master and Commander OST
Matthew Good Band – Beautiful Midnight
Melissa McClelland – Stranded in Suburbia
Melissa McClelland – Victoria Day
Men With Brooms OST
Merril Bainbridge – Between The Days
Metric - Fantasies
Metric – Live It Out
Metric – Old World, Underground
MGMT – Oracular Spectacular
Modest Mouse – Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Moulin Rouge – Vol. 2 OST
Mozart – Great Opera Moments
Mozart – Piano Sonatas
Muse - Absolution
Muse – Black Holes and Revelations
Muse – Origin of Symmetry

Nina Gordon – Tonight and the Rest of My Life

O – R

O Brother Where Art Thou – OST
OK Go – Of The Blue Colour Of the Sky
Old 97’s – Drag It Up
Poe – Haunted
Poe - Hello

Ramones – All The Stuff And More (Vol. 2)
Remy Zero – The Golden Hum
Rent – Disc 1 OST
Rent – Disc 2 OST

Rilo Kiley – More Adventurous
Robbie Williams – The Ego Has Landed
Robbie Williams – Escapology
Robbie Williams – Intensive Care
Robbie Williams – Swing When You’re Winning

S – U

Sailor Moon OST
Sarah Slean – Baroness
Sarah Slean – Day One
Sarah Slean – Night Bugs

Scrubs – OST
The Servant - Servant
Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks
Shania Twain – Come On Over
Shania Twain – The Woman In Me
Shiny Toy Guns – Season of Poison
Shiny Toy Guns – We Are Pilots

Sia – Electric Bird
Sigur Ros – ( )
Sigur Ros - Takk
Six Feet Under Soundtrack
Spice Girls - Spice
Spice Girls – Spice World

Spoon – Gimme Fiction
Stars - Heart
Stars – In Our Bedroom After The War
Stars – Set Yourself On Fire
Stills – Logic Will Break Your Heart
Stills – Without Feathers
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Shake The Sheets
Tori Amos – Tales of a Librarian

V – Z

Vampire Weekend - Contra
Versailles – Visit Music
Weakerthans – Reconstruction Site
Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
X-Men First Class OST

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