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Title: Baby, I'm Howling For You
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rating: R
Word Count: 51,545
Disclaimer: I don't own any of this.
Summary: It's just a typical day for Five-0: someone's out to kill Steve, Danny's just discovered he's been mated with, strangers are flying in looking for the existence of spirits, and the supernatural balance of Oahu is in the balance.
Notes: Huge thanks to [personal profile] sirona_fics for the beta and to [personal profile] liketheroad who basically asked for this fic by saying 'I want wolf-Steve'. As far as the mix of the universes go, I like to think it's a base-Highlander-esque 'verse with all the supernatural piled on top. Many thanks, as well, to Carly for the handholding and support.

Dreamwidth: Part One // Part Two // Part Three
A03: Baby, I'm Howling For You

By [personal profile] siehn: Here
By [personal profile] anuminis: Here

By [profile] nat_am_drachen: Here

And, from me, a timeline of events:

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